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Norm Henry

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Norm Henry has been associated with Pesce Lab Sales for over 30 years. During this time Pesce Lab Sales has provided glassware repairs and specific custom glassware apparatus and equipment for the laboratory. One of the first specific glassware items was the ASTM F-739, F-1383 Permeation Test Cell developed through a voluntary consensus process by ASTM Committee F-23 on Protective Clothing. Norm worked closely with Pesce and the F-23 committee to develop the final version of this test cell that is now used as a standard permeation test cell for testing the permeation resistance of protective clothing materials.

The 2 inch cell and the smaller 1 inch cell were validated by ASTM by inter-laboratory testing and provide chemical resistance data on clothing materials. The cell is used to measure both the breakthrough time and permeation rate of a liquid of gas through a barrier material. Producers of protective clothing use the permeation test cell to report on the performance of their products against various chemicals. Chemical resistance guides are published which help users of protective clothing select the most resistant glove, suit or boot.

For more information on the test cell and ASTM F-739 Permeation Test Method refer to the Annual Book of ASTM Standards 2001, Section eleven, Volume 11103, Atmospheric Analysis, Occupational Health and Safety; Protective Clothing, pages1124-1134, Standard Test Method for Resistance of Protective Clothing Materials to Permeation by Liquids or Gases under Conditions of Continuous Contact. For More Info Visit: